Mira’s Hand

Welcome to my blog. On this blog I hope to share the journey of bringing organic Moroccan skincare to Australia and the world.

In a few weeks time, the first shipment of organic and eco certified Argan oil will reach the shores of Australia.

At Mira’s Hand we have been working exclusively with a women’s cooperative in the southern region of Morocco. A percentage of the proceeds will go back to the cooperative to assist in education, healthcare and professional development..

Argan oil has been used for centuries by Moroccan Women in their beauty regime. Argan oil is the buzz word at the moment in the cosmetics industry. However in this instant we choose not to believe the hype, but to believe and understand the tradition.

My grandmother, her mother, my mother, my aunties and all the women in my family are gifted with the most beautiful skin. Why? Because they have been using Argan Oil their entire life. They use it for their face, their nails and their hair.

We at Mira’s Hand are looking forward to bring 100% Organic Argan Oil to Australia!

Keep an eye on this blog for further updates on Mira’s Hand 100% Organic and Eco certified Argan oil.



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