What my grand mamma taught me

These are some of the things that my late grand mamma Mira taught me in Morocco:

  • Never eat food that comes out of a can
  • Smile
  • Don’t gossip
  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Count your blessings every day
  • Support other women in their endeavours
  • Be prepared for joy, but also for sorrow
  • Sing and dance
  • Go to the hammam once a week (a Moroccan bathhouse, more on that later)
  • Go without a bra once in a while (in the comfort of your own home that is)
  • Learn to drive a car, one must always be able to go their own direction
  • Stay out of the sun in the middle of the day
  • Don’t use anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat
  • Use Argan oil on yourself, your husband, your baby and your friends
  • Be tactful, but speak your mind
  • Be kind to animals
  • Play
  • When married, keep your own name and your bank account

4 thoughts on “What my grand mamma taught me

  1. This is such an inspirational thing to read, your grandma sounds like she was such an empowering female. So cool!!!



  2. Fantastic advice from your grandmother! By the way, I am a complete Morocophile. I’ve been four times. Once I run out of my bottle of Argan oil I hope I can get some from you!

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