Sst, sit still and listen…

I love congregating with women of all ages. I like to sit still and listen to their tales and find out what makes their world go round.

Whenever my mother and grandmother would have their female friends over in Morocco it would be the biggest event in our house. The preparations started the day before or early in the morning. The carpets would be taken out of the salon and hung on the roof terrace, the floors were bucketed down with water and soap. Baskets full off fresh vegetables and fruits were brought in. Exquisite meals would be prepared, fresh mint was washed, teapots and glasses were placed on big silver trays and the children were told to go outside.

The women would arrive in their most colourful outfits, exquisite jewellery and perfumes and would be greeted by my grandmother Mira in her strong loud voice welcoming them. She’d acknowledge each women, ask about her health, her loved ones and offer her apologies that she wasn’t able to do more, to cook more, to offer more than she was offering.

The women would then congregate in the ‘nice’ Salon and eat, dance, make music and talk about their lives, their problems, laugh and sing and gossip.

I would sit still and try to be as quiet as a mouse to be allowed to stay in the room and listen to the myriad of secrets and recipes.

Mira’s anti wrinkle mask recipe:
Whisk 1 egg white until thick and pale and very foamy. Add 2 to three teaspoons of Pure Argan Oil. Apply on your face and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Use a cloth and tepid water to take off the mask.

Our website is under construction. To purchase a bottle of Mira’s Hand Pure Moroccan Argan Oil send an email to with your name and contact details.


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