Mira’s Hand website and eStore Launch!

And so it is with great pride and joy we announce that today we have officially launched Mira’s Hand’s Website and eStore!

Just in time for the holidays………..

We’d love for you to have a look around our website and have a browse in our shop. All purchases are completely safe as all sales go through paypal. (you can use paypal even if you don’t have a paypal account).

If you have any questions about any of our products or would like to give us your general feedback, please do so by sending an email to info@mirashand.com.au

Happy shopping!

Website design by Atticus Design
Web development by Outspoken New Media.


3 thoughts on “Mira’s Hand website and eStore Launch!

  1. Hi Jamila, Wow, by reviewing your blogs I am excited not only do you deliver a fantastic product, you also share some authentic recipes with us which I am looking forward to trying myself. The other story it tells is how long the journey has been to get to this point, congratulations and success for the ongoing journey for you and Mira’s hand.

  2. Thank you Debi and Niem for your kind words. They do mean a lot to me.
    It’s true that it has been a journey, but I couldn’t have done it without all the kind people, family and friends. We feel like we have only started!

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