Recreate your very own Moroccan Hammam Spa at home

I have to admit, I love having a healthy life style. Mine is not out of vanity, I don’t aim to be a size nothing and fit into jeans designed for a 7 year old. I try to live a healthy life style, because it simply makes me feel better. I love being fit, having a strong body and feeling that I am giving my body the best nutrition and care.

I can still remember how it was when I spent my summers at my uncle’s farm. I could run and run for hours and at the end of the day there was nothing better than to go and sit in a fig tree and watch the sunset. My hair would be tangled, my hands and feet were dirty, I would have wounds on my hands and arms from playing near prickly pear bushes. But I was strong and happy.

I can also remember not only being fit, strong and happy, but squeaky clean and fresh after a visit to the Hammam. ‘Hammam’ means spreader of warmth and is a bathhouse that most Moroccans visit once a week. Aunties, neighbours, grandmothers, cousins, We all would get our buckets ready, some savon noir (black soap), scrubbing gloves, Argan oil and perhaps some fresh oranges and walk down to the local Hammam once a week. There everyone would undress, young and old and go into the Hammam to cleanse, scrub, wash, rinse and hear the latest news and gossip.

The women in my family come in all shape and sizes. I was exposed to my grandmother’s sagging bosom, my cousins’ perky bottom, my auntie’s belly, who had just given birth and my neighbour in her first year of marriage. They were all shaped differently and it was no issue. My grandmother would tell me ‘I have exactly the same as what you have, so there is no room for shame or embarrassment’.

‘Massage in the Hammam’ by Edouar Debat-Ponsan (1883)

Once a week I try to recreate the Hammam in my bathroom. If you would like to do the same this is what you need:

  • Mira’s Hand Savon Noir (black soap)
  • Mira’s Hand Moroccan exfoliating glove
  • Mira’s Hand Rose Water Toning Mist
  • Mira’s Hand 100% Argan Oil
  • Mira’s Hand Body Moisturiser with Argan Oil
  • Mira’s Hand Rhassoul Clay
  • Fluffy soft bathrobe and towels
  • Mint tea (for afterward – see recipe here)

Download your free booklet here and learn how to to create your own Hammam at home experience with Mira’s Hand Authentic Moroccan Skin Care Range.


* (well wishes for your health)


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