Happy 2013 to you and all your fabulous wobbly bits!

Woosh! 2012 was quite the whirlwind year for Mira’s Hand.  Sharing our authentic Moroccan Hammam Collection has been more than just a lot of fun. Connecting with women and some men and discussing beauty rituals, touches a very basic core that is about self-love and appreciation for oneself. I am happy to see that many of us make time and like to pamper ourselves without feeling guilty.

Which brings me to a Moroccan expression I still use on a daily basis. ‘I am happy with myself’,which means that you can celebrate or do something nice for yourself for no apparant reason, other than that you like who you are and you are happy.

You are wearing a nice outfit for no special occasion and somebody asks you why you are dressed up? ‘I am happy with myself’.
You are having a party for no reason? ‘I am happy with myself.’
You go to the hammam and spend two hours there, and two more getting your hair and make up done for no occasion? ‘I am happy with myself’.
You are having cake with a birthday candle and it’s not even your birthday? ‘I am happy with myself’.
Sometimes I buy a gift for myself and have it gift wrapped, take it home and unwrap it. Why? ’Because I am so damn happy with myself.‘

Another big thing that we are very happy with is the fantastic feedback we have been getting from all the lovely beauty editors who got to try our Moroccan Hammam Rituals at the Spa at the Darling. Eugenie Kelly, beauty editor at Harper’s Bazaar nailed it on the head when she wrote in her review ‘it not only pummels cellulite, but boosts your lymphatic circulation, so besides your skin being left ridiculously glowing, your wobbly bits feel fabulous.’

Read the reviews here: Harpers Bazaar, Instyle Magazine, Rescu and Cosmopolitan.

So let’s make 2013 a year where we are happy with ourselves, where we don’t need a reason to celebrate and embrace our fabulous wobbly bits.



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