About Mira’s Hand

At Mira’s Hand we believe in beauty sharing, not beauty secrets. Our mission is to inform and educate modern society on the proven benefits and traditional learnings that a traditional skin care regime can provide.

In sourcing our products and ingredients directly from co-operatives in the south-west region of Morocco, we seek to directly support Moroccan women and the preservation of their craft and culture with educational and self-developmental opportunities to improve their quality of life and their children’s future.

Jamila El Maroudi, Founder/Owner of Mira’s Hand

I moved to Australia in 2005 to join my Australian born husband. When I first arrived I was surprised to see that none of my native Hammam products were available and that there was no communal place where I could go for a weekly Hammam ritual. I quickly arranged for my family and friends to send them to me, or stocked up during my travels to Morocco.

For centuries the Hammam Spa has been an important part of Moroccan culture. The hammam is used as a communal bathhouse where women and men congregate (separately) at least once a week to socialise with friends, family and most importantly re-invigorate their bodies and minds.
I decided to develop and share my authentic Moroccan Hammam Spa products with the wider community and in early 2011 Mira’s Hand was born.

Mira’s Hand Moroccan Hammam Spa Collection.

The Hammam is such a wonderful experience and can be easily recreated in the privacy of your own bathroom with Mira’s Hand Authentic Moroccan Hammam Spa Collection.

I am also a Hammam trainer, as I has been taught to perform Hammam rituals from an early age by my mother and grandmother in Morocco. As the founder of Mira’s Hand, I am Australia’s only Authentic Moroccan Hammam specialist. Having developed my own range of quality products for a unique spa experience I am committed to share my knowledge with you.

Jamila El Maroudi

p.s. to experience an Authentic Moroccan Hammam Spa Ritual using Mira’s Hand visit the Spa at the Darling (NSW), Signature Day Spa Wellness Centre (NSW) MP Spa and Beauty (NSW)  The Peninsula Hot Springs (VIC) or The Aesthetic Lounge (VIC). More spas coming an board very soon!


5 thoughts on “About Mira’s Hand

  1. Ha Jamila,

    Gaaf om te zien dat je nu in Australie woont. Ik heb bij Deelgemeente Feijenoord gewerkt in de tijd dat jij daar bij afdeling Voorlichting zat. Je ziet er nog steeds uit als een prinses.

    Groetjes, Linda Groeneveld

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